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The Gatsby

Welcome to The Jazz Age, with its smoke filled speakeasies. Flapper girls smoking cigarettes and drinking illegal booze, as boys in slicked back pompadours, twirl their partners about the dance floor.

Those polished shoes with leather “spatz” secured protectively across the tops. All those little buttons and straps! A classic look for a classic tale.

A single thick, leather, cuff bisects your fabric preference at the centre and is secured using hand tied buttons.

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The Equestrian

Sporting bespoke stitching details, with stainless steel buckles and worn leather straps cinched across your choice of our curated fabric. The Equestrian is a love letter to the polo clubs and horse stables of the glamour elite!

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The Saratoga

What set the Saratoga apart from lesser steamer trunks of the day, was its robust, rounded lid. Not only did the bowed lid give extra room for belongings, but it ensured that it not be stored at the bottom of the pile, but rather nestled on the top, it’s rightful, and just resting place.

Three leather straps with 6 fabric covered buttons per strap bind your choice of fabric.

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