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Silver Skies Designer Pillow


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Our silver skies designer pillow combines a moody grey linen with a thick oatmeal cotton weave. Sky and sand created with these two contrasting fabrics. A hand stitched leather patch and zipper tag added to complete the look. All of our pillows are one of a kind. Create a look that cannot be duplicated! For beautiful pairings check out our other designer pillow listings. :)

Our Pillows

There are no two pillows alike. Each one is one-of-a-kind!

On the reverse side we have chosen a neutral linen blend and branded it with our unique hand-stitched leather patch and zipper tag. Two possibilities in one pillow.

Oversized at 22”, they are a luxurious comfort that will always have your back.


Our pillow inserts are a Synthetic Down. They are 100% hypoallergenic with the same weight and density of real down. They can hold a “karate chop” and don’t get flattened or compressed. These inserts can hold their own. A velvety, downy, vegan alternative.

24" x 24" - Price: $40

We recommend using an insert that is one size larger than the pillow cover to give it a fuller, plumper look.