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The Coastline Designer Pillow


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I've combined natural neutrals in this hand crafted pillow in tones of grey and cream in soft, tactile textures. This sophisticated yet rustic pillow will look fantastic in any decor. The hand stitched leather patch and zipper tag with copper brad will pair beautifully with other natural elements...stone, brick, leather - the possibilities are endless.
All of our pillows are one of a kind. Create a look that cannot be duplicated! For beautiful pairings check out our other designer pillow listings. :)

Our Pillows

There are no two pillows alike. Each one is one-of-a-kind!

On the reverse side we have chosen a neutral linen blend and branded it with our unique hand-stitched leather patch and zipper tag. Two possibilities in one pillow.

Oversized at 22”, they are a luxurious comfort that will always have your back.


Our pillow inserts are a Synthetic Down. They are 100% hypoallergenic with the same weight and density of real down. They can hold a “karate chop” and don’t get flattened or compressed. These inserts can hold their own. A velvety, downy, vegan alternative.

24" x 24" - Price: $40

We recommend using an insert that is one size larger than the pillow cover to give it a fuller, plumper look.